What is a Data File?
A data file is a spreadsheet document that holds all the records of your shelter's stray pets. By uploading one of your sample data files, our system will be able to recognize the format you specifically use, allowing for a seamless conversion of your data into our searchable database anytime from here on.

What types of files are accepted?
Our system is capable of recognizing spreadsheet files such as:

Excel (xls)

Comma Delimited (csv)

If you do not have one of these file formats available, you can probably export or save your current files as an xls or csv file through your existing spreadseet program.

Don't Have a Sample File?
No problem. You can use the one we've created for you. Click here to download.

Note to shelters using their own xls or csv files: In order to upload your data to our system, the conversion process requires that your Excel or CSV file contains column headers on the first row of the document.